Rusted Fall Tiered Gown

Brand new to the gallery today is the Rusted Fall Tiered Gown.  I found this texture in a set and fell in love with it.  It’s just L$99!  A men’s shirt with the same texture will be coming soon.  The tiered gowns can now be found on the third floor.  And for you Steam Powered Giraffe fans, I have a vest and shirt coming soon thanks to someone who custom ordered it.  🙂  I have yet to find a female version…so it may have to differ slightly from the RL version.  I’ll include a poll at the bottom of this page for you to vote on the one you like.


Links for the poll:

The photo above was taken at


2 thoughts on “Rusted Fall Tiered Gown

  1. I like them both…but I think I would have liked #2 better i the skirt had gone all the way around. #1 just looks more… me. I think #1 will be more similar to what you’re making now.

    I totally want to post the final product on my facebook but not sure if it would get you in trouble with the RL designer…not sure how the creative laws work on that…I bet they themselves would love it though. hehe..;)

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