Fashion For Life is in full swing but ends on June 20!  The clothes that I am selling at Fashion for Life will NOT be put into the gallery–yes, I will design more strapless tops and more swimsuits, but not with those same fabrics.  If you see something you like (check out the previous post for pics), go to and add it to your inventory!

sl11huntpic_001I have not put a June group gift out this month…I will try and do that later this week.  I’ve been busy working on my SL11B build.  I will also be participating in the SL11B Hunt, which is going to be a HUGE hunt with builds all over the SL11B sims participating.  My hunt gift will be a wrap dress with a texture made by me with a poem I wrote on it.  I’ll also have a special gift in the build.  🙂

Two days ago, June 13, marked four months since my gallbladder removal surgery on February 13.  Recovery has been slow.  I still don’t feel like I have my energy back, and sometimes my stomach doesn’t like what I eat.  I’ve been resting when I’m tired and just trying to take it easy.  I may not design as many clothes as I used to, but that is for another reason.  I’m unemployed in RL, and trying to raise money to save up for things.  I decided a couple of months ago to start crocheting scarves to sell on etsy.  I think I’ve completed six or seven so far but still have to go buy more skeins to finish up the fringe on the ends.  I might even do the fringe with different colored yarn in order to save money.  When I place them on etsy, I’ll include the link on the blog.


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