Follow Your Soul–A LEA Photography Exhibition


I have created an LEA sim that combines my RL and SL photography which is based around a RL location–Lake Burton in Northeast Georgia.  I spent a lot of time there as a child.  The cabin was built by my great uncle and his brother and their father in 1948.  My grandparents took their children there when they were kids, and when I was born, my parents took me.  I nurtured my love of reading and writing there; in fact, I began my first novel there.  Altho the cabin was destroyed by a tornado (see the photo in the cabin on the sim–I didn’t take this photo, by the way), the memories of the cabin will always live in my soul.

At the landing point, you will find a teleporter that leads to two separate locations: a SL photography gallery and the Poetry Garden.  The LM to Roots & Wings is in a sign by the entrance.  I have placed all of the clothing items using my photography into one vendor in the shop.

I hope you will stop by and enjoy the photography and poetry inspired by a lake where I spent so much time when I was a child.  🙂

Follow Your Soul LM:


Ivory Hydrangea

I have two new beautiful items in the gallery today: the exquisite Ivory Hydrangea Gown and a matching Ivory Hydrangea Men’s Shirt.  Both use a seamless white hydrangea photo I took last year.  I loved trying this on for the first time–it made me feel like a princess.  🙂  The entire gown is mesh.  The bottom part is not rigged but moves very well.  The dress is compatible with standing and walking animations, and dancing animations look nice as well. The gown is very affordable at L$125.  🙂

You may also purchase the Ivory Hydrangea Gown on Marketplace at

You may purchase the Ivory Hydrangea Men’s Shirt at





Shine On, Harvest Moon

Last night we had a BEAUTIFUL clear sky and a wonderful harvest moon here in Georgia.  I was able to snap what I think is a wonderful photo of the harvest moon and I have placed it in my gallery.  🙂  It is on the first floor on the back wall.  🙂

In addition, I’ve designed some fall heels in an EXCLUSIVE autumn texture for the Best Foot Forward Hunt which begins on September 22.  I will also be designing a matching dress to go with it that will only be sold during the hunt.  Have a wonderful Thursday!

L$60 Sale At Roots & Wings Gallery!

rustedfalltieredgownpic_001verticalcropI’ve created a L$60 area next to the new items on the first floor.  I’ll have three items at that price, and it will rotate every Sunday.  In addition, I’ve added another floor and spread things out a bit more.  🙂

I’ll also be adding new clothes this week!  Make sure you keep checking the blog for photos.

Purple Orchid Bell Bottom Jeans

First, a bit of news.  After crashing twice this morning off the sim my gallery was on, I decided to look for a new place for my gallery.  I found one–on a private sim this time.  The sim it is on runs a LOT more smoothly…sometimes I even run at about 20 fps there!  The new SLURL is .

I have decided to, after much trepidation, design jeans!  I thought they would be more difficult to design, but I am really happy with the way these turned out.  These jeans use my Purple Orchid photo as the texture.  I hope you’ll consider adding them to your virtual closet.  🙂  They could easily substitute for pajama pants if you also have the Purple Orchid Flutter Top.  🙂


Steam Powered

I had a custom order a few days ago…the customer wanted me to design a shirt and vest based on Spine’s outfit from the Steam Powered Giraffe band.  The men’s shirt and vest will be coming soon.  In the meantime, I’ve decided to make a women’s version.  🙂


In other news, I’ve added a Lucky Board and a Midnight Mania board to the gallery!  The Steam Powered Women’s Corset has been added to the Lucky Board and the White Rose Fractal Mesh Dress has been added to the Midnight Mania Board.