All Things Christmas for POE

This time of year it’s so easy to mix and match items from different events on the grid. Today I’ve put together an entire photo from items available in the P.O.E. 9 grid wide hunt, The…

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SL Freebie Etiquette – The 2016 Edition

FabFree did a great post about freebie etiquette that is definitely worth a read. It’s good to keep in mind that group gifts are free but they do come at a cost to the designer for uploads. Thanks to those who pick up the free group gift at my shop and make purchases if they can. Purchases help pay my tier and help pay for future designs.

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Hey everyone! I had some time this week to update a few things on the blog and noticed that our SL Freebies Etiquette page hadn’t been updated in years, and was needing a refresh!  I know a lot of our readers are long time residents and are aware of the ins and outs, but we do have a large new resident following too that may find this information useful…

If you have any additional suggestions to our listing, please feel free to contact me inworld (Love Trill).

SL Freebie Etiquette – 2016 Edition


The rules of Second Life gift etiquette are quite similar to those in Real Life. Be mature, be kind and be thankful.

1. Complaining to designers about the gifts they offer is unacceptable. Designers are not obligated to offer you free items and have created a gift for you as a kind gesture. If you are displeased with…

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NEW Group Gift & Retro Dresses At Lemonade Couture!

I’m continuing the retro theme this month with eight brand new Fitmesh Retro Dresses!  Each design includes Fitmesh XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes AS WELL AS sizes for the Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink mesh bodies!   In addition, the MELODY Fitmesh Retro Dress is a GROUP GIFT until MONDAY at 12 AM SL!!  All other dresses are L$60 until Monday!

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May Group Gift Now At Lemonade Couture!


Lemonade Couture opens its doors on May 1, a day where usually in the south thoughts of drinking lemonade come to mind.  🙂  However, here in Georgia it has been in the 70s and 80s now for quite awhile!

Brand new in the shop are twelve corsets perfect for any party, concert, or just hanging out with friends!  Sizes include Fitmesh XS, S, M, L, and XL, in addition to sizes for the Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink mesh bodies!  Each corset is L$99 each.  The Raspberry & Grape Corset is this month’s Group Gift!

Check out all the photos on Flickr!

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Musicians–Looking For A Manager?

Are you a musician looking for a manager?  If so, contact Eliza Cabassoun in SL!  I have previously managed Strum Diesel (2+ years managed, 2+ years promoting before managing) and promoted and booked Prowess Rayna (1+ years).  I will promote your concerts using an attractively designed poster in 48 groups on Facebook, several groups on Flickr, 42 groups in Second Life, Twitter, and book concerts.  I will also advertise your group/website and sending group invitations during concerts.

Eliza Cabassoun